Amelotte International

Amelotte International

  Amelotte International is part of a manufacturing group with factories in Asia and regional offices in the United States. We have provided quality goods at competitive prices for the market since 1989.
Our products have reached major markets such as the United States, Japan and Europe. To our clients, we are part of their Product Development Team.
Through strategic acquisitions and alliances, we have established a vast network of factories to better serve our clients a diverse line of products.

  We produce goods such as hand embroidered goods, float jacquard, intarsia, beaded goods, hand crochet garments, special stitches, special finishes, various gauges. In addition, we work closely and creatively with our clients to develop new yarns and stitches. Our clients appreciate that we offer great quality at very competitive prices.

  We are happy to provide you with yarns, knit-downs, or pictures of various styles we have made for our clients in the past. We can also provide you with new yarns and stitches we have been working on. Sampling is a very popular aspect which we can provide for you.

  We would like you to consider our Product Development, Design and Pattern team as part of yours. Therefore you are cordially invited to visit our offices and factories in Hong Kong, China, and our Customer Servicing Office here in the United States.

  Feel free to contact us to arrange a visit by calling us at (212) 971-1423. You can also fax us at (212) 971-1428 or e-mail us at We look forward to hearing from you and possibly working with you.

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